Career Chats

Career Chat Featuring Astronaut Victor Glover

This is the first post in a new Career Chat series featuring interviews with mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists, and people who work with math, statistics, and data.


Code Lab // R Programming

Coding a Simple Recommendation System in R

When we shop online, we often get recommendations for other products that are similar to ones we've been looking at. Systems that recommend related products and services are frequently referred to as recommendation systems. In today's Code Lab, we'll code a simple recommendation system using something called cosine similarity!
Code Lab // R Programming

Exploring Trends in Urban Bike Share Data

In our last two posts, we went over how to start making data visualizations in R with ggplot2. Now that we've finished that series, let's work on a Code Lab featuring exploratory data analysis! Today, we’ll be exploring patterns in urban bike share usage...
Code Lab // R Programming

Estimate Pi with Dart Throwing in R!

Now that we’ve had several posts on getting started with coding in R (see Part 1, Part 2, and More Resources) we’re ready to get started with our first Code Lab!  In this post, we’ll see how we can estimate pi with dart throwing in R!